Portable Appliance Testing

Walsh Butler Ltd has introduced Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) as a new service for out clients. We are fully trained and certified to carry out these services.

PAT Testing is:

Portable Equipment is any appliance that is plugged in or moved from room to room. Portable appliance not only includes electrical tools like dirlls, grinders and leads but also appliances that can be easily transported from room to room.

Appliances such as: Computers, printers, fax machines, desk lamps, food mixers, coffee machine, kettles, toasters, drills, jigsaws, grinders and leads.

Should a Company carry out PAT Testing?

Yes. Pat testing should be carried out because under safety, Health and Welfare work regulations S.I.No.299 of 2007, it is now a requirement under Irish Law that all business are obliged to carry out Pat testing on all portable appliances to ensure safety and welfare of employees and customers. The onus to carry out Portable appliance testing now falls entirely on the employer who is 100% responsible.

Visual Inspection.

Visual check the appliance for safety of the plug, fuse, wiring, cable and the protective case of the appliance.

Earth bonding testing.

The safety of certain appliances depends upon a connection with the earth for its safety and ensure a safe earth is present in the appliance.

Insulation testing.

A test is carried out using electrical test equipment to ensure the insulation resistance of the appliance is at a safe level.

Flash testing.

A test is carried out to measure the insulation of the appliance if a high voltage is applied to the appliance.

Load test.

A test is carried out applying a voltage through a current limiting resistor to the mains supply plug and check that the current flow will not be excessive when full voltage is applied.

Earth leakage.

A test is carried out to monitor the current flow through the earth lead of the applianceĀ  which incorporates a number of sequences that may change the electrical characteristics of the appliance during its operation.

Function check.

A test is carried out to ensure that the appliance is in working order.

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